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Robert Wilde

As the first post states, I am 40. There is the other usual stuff – Single, addicted to my work, trying hard to get into shape and create a recurring revenue so I can spend more time with little Lamal. I created this blog for several reasons. I am a WordPress developer, I need to train myself to write and blog more often, wanted to do the same for Hunter. I think this will be extremely important for someone his age to get into a habit of doing. I believe that keeping a journal (girls keep diaries and men have journals – now you know) was something that was regularly done a century ago and now its all about selfies and facebook status, which is cool but not something worth reading. Its something to skim, browse or peruse when you in a meeting (this is code for a number 2).

Hunter is going to post some info all about him and stuff and things. This would be a good time to outline that this will not be the most bestest english literature. Expect weird words, like bestest ( didn’t get picked for misspelled?). This will be our brains exploding and dribbling out into words as best as possible. Enjoy and take from it what you will 🙂


Hunter Wilde


Hi, my name is Hunter, I live in Australia and I’m 12 years old, I don’t really know what to write so I’m just going to write what ever pops into my head that I think is relevant.

My Dad is teaching me how to program and I’m teaching him how to play chess. At first I found learning how to program stressful because I was trying to remember all of the different terminology and syntax at the same time and failed miserably. Then when we would go through the courses I would have to read the instructions 3 times and I still wouldn’t get it, I felt like I had to know exactly what it was telling me or I would never get anywhere so I would start to freak out and become even more confused and stressed out, but I’m starting to get the hang of it and I’ve learned to just not worry about remembering anything because eventually it will just stick.

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