Almond meal Keto Friendly cookies

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Here is my quick and easy Keto friendly (SUGAR-FREE) recipe for cookies. Just because it’s sugar-free, don’t mean that they are taste free.

There some great replacements to ensure minimal insulin production to help keep you in a state of ketos. I found Stevia Sweet at my local Woolworths but it is mostly maltodextrin and not always gluten friendly. Will update when I find some better sugar substitutes. Coconut sugar is another option as it has a low glycemic index of 35 (sugar is around 64). Whatever substitute you find double check it is a 1 = 1 substitute and adjusts when necessary.


½ Cup Butter, room temp
¼ Cup sugar substitute (I use Stevia Sweet)
¼ Cup Brown sugar (sugar-free substitute.  I use ¼ Cup Stevia Sweet PLUS 1 tsp molasses)
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 Egg whole, plus 1 egg white
2 ½ Cups Almond Meal
1 ¼ Cup sugar-free chocolate chips (I couldn’t find some of this batch but I know my local chemist has sugar free chocolate I plan to use next time)
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt


In Med bowl, mix all wet ingredients and beat until creamy.
In a larger bowl, mix all dry ingredients.  Add wet to dry and mix well, into a dough.
Make into balls (you choose the size!).  Press slightly palm, as these do not spread as they bake.  But don’t make too thin, as they have a GREAT consistency when about ½ inch thick.  Bake at about 150° c for about 10-13 min (fan-forced oven), until they get slightly brown on top.  Do not over bake.
If necessary, take one out early and cool to check consistency.  You can always put the cookies back in for a minute to firm them up.  Ovens cook differently, so I go for a shorter time and test, and pop back in the oven if I need to! My first batch was closer to 170° and 13mins and they are a little dry but still very nice. Enjoy (with a meal, no snacking).

More info on Keto Friendly Eating.

Thanks to Dr Berg for the original recipe and lots of great tips for intermittent fasting and losing weight properly with ketosis. Check out Dr Bergs youtube channel for some great advice.
Another great resource that I still follow, Tim Ferriss Slow-Carb Diet.  You will also find my daily, super friggin awesome, avocado coffee.
Remember there is never 1 size fits all, I have experimented for years to find something that will, not only help me lose weight but live healthily and keep the weight off.

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