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This week it was announced that MineCraft was purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 Billion. I enter amounts into invoices and estimates a lot but I never get to write numbers like $2500, 000, 000. WOW

The thing that I find amusing is the people on the web who think he is selling out. Guess what, he is! Thats not a bad thing or a wrong thing. Offer me 2.5 billion for something I created and I would be throwing you the keys. I get integrity and keeping it real and all that jazz but common, take the money and run.

with that much money – You can kick back and do whatever whenever, wherever forever

My daily side focus is always trying to find something that I can make or market that will bring in the 24 hour, 7 day a week revenue. Money while you sleep is my goal. The most important legacy to me is my son and ensuring he can have everything and anything he needs to do whatever he wants. I don’t need billions and worked out my magic number is 3 million. I worked out I could buy a house or 2 and a  nice car or 2 and then bank the rest and earn a decent income of interest. Ever thought how much money you would have if you had no rent, mortgage, car payments?

I have thought about it a lot and 1 million dollars in  a decent account with around 8% interest pulls $83 000 a year in interest. No debt and $83 K is enough for anyone to live on.

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Technology has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. Started with Dick Smith kits when I was 10, I was making FM wireless bugs in high school. After several years working, Electronics Technician, Sound and Lighting Technical Director and then IT Sysadmin, I am going with the flow and leaving the hardware behind, mostly. I am now developing solutions for the cloud, focus on WordPress, SharePoint and Mobile devices. Learning more and more every day.

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