Getting Fit & Healthy – Thats the GOAL!

Developing a fitness schedule and diet you can live with is your goal, the awesome body and getting fit is the result. KNOW the Difference!

I am going to be posting some images and info regarding my new diet and fitness schedule. I would also like to discuss a very helpful realisation I had and discussed with Hunter recently.

I have attempted to lose weight several times before and I will go into detail on another post but the biggest problem, I think, is that I was looking at getting that awesome body as the goal. It’s Not, its the result. Exercising and eating healthy is the goal as its something you have to learn how to do all the time, even after you have the great body. If I am certain of one thing it’s that it’s way, way, way easier to slip back to big pants and eating a packet of peanut butter oreo’s for a meal than  it is to lose the weight and eat the write food.

You have to develop habits that you don’t think about. You have to feel like something is wrong if your not at the gym, in the pool or eating the right food. It takes some time, took me 2 months, and you need to do it a little bit by bit. Over do it and it becomes a chore and too hard. Some find it easy but I think going too hard too fast is what puts people off. Here is some of the food I eat and to keep it simple I eat the same thing almost every day with minor changes. FOOD IS FUEL – its not a luxury ( all the time ).

FYI – MSTS = Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes, Spinach ( I eat it with everything )

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